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" A TEENAGER who paid £90 to have his arm tattoed with Chinese characters got a shock when he learned the message read: At the end of the day, this is an ugly boy...The 18-year-old found out that he had been tricked when he saw the effect it had on a woman serving at a Chinese take-away. At first, she said something about me making people laugh and talked about a crown, he said. But then I realised she was really saying clown, not crown. The young woman blushed and was very reluctant to translate for me. Then she admitted what it really said. A totally mortified Mr Becks went back to the tattoo parlour in Southend, the next day - only to find it had closed. He added: I suspect the tattooist knew he was closing and just wanted to get his own back for some reason. I always wanted a tattoo and the design looked great...When he dared show off his arm at a nightclub, a group of Chinese girls came up and burst out laughing. Even his friends have been finding it hard to keep straight faces...Mr Becks plans to spend £600 to have the tattoo removed by laser. "

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